Sponsoring for 2014

Hello Sketchabilities Fans/Readers Sponsors!

Karan here and I am on the search for Sponsors for the upcoming 2014 year.  With Reveals running twice a month on the 15th and 30th, I am looking for casual or permanent Sponsors.  I look for a variety of sponsors from...manufacturers, online stores, kit clubs; etsy stores from anywhere in the world!   

What do you receive as a Sponsor:
In return,  your logo;  store blurb and link will be permanently advertised on the left hand side of this blog (see to your left for our current sponsors) You will also have your store logo included in our list of sponsors with each reveal that we make. Your information is also posted to our Facebook page which currently has over 1,400 followers. My large team of over 16 designers also post your Sponsor information to their blog post on reveal day which again, increases your exposure world wide. 

Sketchabilities receives exposure to over 1800 INTERNATIONAL followers and over 1400 followers on our Facebook page (that is current at time this post was written)   During a regular reveal this blog receives an average and minimum of  3000 hits on a bi weekly basis and can receive close to and over 5000 page views  ( this is per reveal) 

The best part is that I do not charge anything for this. The only cost is you as a Sponsor  provide giveaways  for our wonderful followers who come here and play along each month. 

If you have a Design Team they can join my team along with the reveal you are sponsoring.  Please if you are interested in securing a spot for 2014,  email me  and I will forward my Sponsoring Package to you.  Please put Sponsoring info in the Subject line when emailing me.

Contact: Karan Gerber at Sketchabilities@gmail.com
I look forward to hearing from you :)

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