I just have to say I'm flattered so many of you took the time to apply to represent Sketchabilities Design team.    

Please know that this process is not easy and I do review all applications.  At times; I do ask some members to return, but this round, as difficult as it was, you will not see any returning designers.  The entire team is NEW! 

 I'm sure with our list here you'll be inspired for the next few weeks and months ... Thank you again for sending in your applications and

please join me in welcoming our new team members.

 Kazuko Kakutani(JAPAN)

Sandra Nicholls (AUSTRALIA)

Seungeun Lee(Republic of Korea)

Annelie Maddock (New Zealand)

Gideoni Segura (BRASIL)

Elena Ovchinnikova, (SPAIN)

Anna Witkowska (Poland)

Soonju lee ( Republic of Korea)

Sherry Bienert (CANADA)

Romain Bourdin (France)

Marina Gridasova (Russia)

Mellisa VanDenbark (UNITED STATES )

Nadiya Olenadole 

Cristina Sales (Italy)

I know they will inspire you beginning March 15th!


Sandra Nicholls said...

Congratulations everyone. Thanks I am Looking forward to it.

Lili Sulastri said...

Congratulations to the new design team members.

jolande said...

Congrats!! and hope you have as much fun as I had in this great team !!!

Gersende B said...

congrats to the new members

Cristina said...

Thanks to everyone... I hope you'll enjoy with us ... me too!!!

Francesca Franchi said...

Congratulazioni Cristina! !!!!!! Ciao

franca Viola said...

Congratulazioni a tutte e un grosso in bocca al lupo a Cristina <3

Rosella Gregori said...

in bocca al lupo cry